Charles Henden

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Charles Henden has been a software engineer and lead programmer in the entertainment industry for over ten years. With a career stretching from licensed movie titles on the Nintendo Wii to real-time sports simulations on the Playstation, nothing has excited Charles more than his current work with the immersive potential of VR, AR and Mixed Reality platforms. Along with collaborators, he wanted a more powerful way to work, learn and share. SuperManual is a first-to-market VR tool and content marketplace that is delivering experiences—stories, simulations, presentations, education and training to the mining, fitness and eLearning sectors.

Charles is also the co-founder of VISITOR, a studio that invites you to explore creative offerings in performance art, storytelling, organisational intelligence and automated cinematography. Since founding, he has has received a Sundance fellowship for work in the VR storytelling space, explored human robotic relationships performing 1:1 at Ars Electronica and released the award-winning VR documentary “Inside Manus”.